Over the Top Sho-ko-laht

by Pamela Goode

Vosges ChocolatWho knew chocolate could be this much fun? Okay, sure, we all love it enough to bathe in it daily, even gleefully tonguing off the tub ring, but did you ever imagine that a simple, yet nirvana-esque chocolate could take you to exotic realms of the imagination as yet untrampled? Catch a whiff of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, a creation so un-average that even the shapes defy expectations. The above-pictured Rooster Truffle is made with Italian taleggio cheese, organic walnuts, Tahitian vanilla beans, and bittersweet dark chocolate. Had that one before? Then maybe the Finocchio: wild Tuscan fennel pollen, dark chocolate, and floral anise. The Black Pearl slithers in ginger, wasabi, sesame seeds, and dark chocolate, while Red Fire combines Ancho chili powder with Ceylon cinnamon and dark chocolate. This sounds like a girl weekend to me. Bath anyone? Visit the website here.